The Wait is Over

It’s been more than 5 weeks since we announced our Bath & Body Line, and it’s finally here! Yankee Candle’s Signature Bubble Bath Soap, Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Bar Soap, and Body Butter are all available now in stores and online!

Don’t wait to go pick up these incredible, luxurious, and relaxing products in your favorite scents. We made them with YOU in mind.

To continue to show our appreciation to you, our devoted customers, type in the coupon code – YANKEEBATH – when you place an order on our website to receive a large Yankee Candle bath towel for free! For those of you shopping in store, you will receive a large bath towel when you make a purchase of $40 or more.

Thank you for following The Yankee Candle Blog! Enjoy our new Bath & Body Line this Holiday Season (they make great gifts) and have a Happy New Year!


The Bath & Body Line is Almost Here!

The release of Yankee Candle’s Bath & Body Line is just about a week away! We’ve been perfecting everything just for you in anticipating for this big event and we can’t wait for you to be able to pick up all of these amazing products for yourself.

To build just a little more excitement, we wanted to let you in on a few great specials and deals that will be available in Yankee Candle stores beginning Dec. 14th.

The Yankee Candle Bath & Body Ultimate Collection ($50):

Experience the complete Bath & Body Line with this Ultimate Collection, which includes small sizes of each scent of all our products. That’s 14 items in one package! You get six Signature Bubble Bath Soaps, two Bar Soaps, four Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, and two Body Butters.

The Yankee Candle Bath & Body Ultimate Deluxe Collection ($60):

In this Deluxe Collection, you’ll get all 14 small sizes of every Bath & Body product and scent, plus two small Yankee Candle Bath towels and a large Winter Wonderland-scented candle.

Yankee Candle’s Bath & Body Pick 6 ($35):

This offer allows you to pick four large sizes of any products and scents from our Bath & Body Line. You get to mix and match! Pick one of each product or choose four Bath Soaps, if you’d like. The possibilities are endless with this deal!


For individual product sales, here is the list complete list of Bath & Body prices:

Signature Bath Soap (Small/Large) – $7/$13

Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (Small/Large) – $5/$8

Bar Soap (Small/Large) – $4/$6

Body Butter (small/Large) – $9/$15


Look out for more specials and deals on our Yankee Candle Bath & Body Line products coming soon to a store near you!

Thank you for following The Yankee Candle Blog and enjoy all of our new, wonderful products!!

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands!

With the release of our Bath & Body Line, we want to share some related tips and advice so you can take full advantage of these products.

As you know by now, Yankee Candle will be releasing two soaps with which you can wash your hands – Deep Cleansing Hand Soap and Bar Soap. Not only is it important for you to know the following, but to pass on this information to your children as well. Winter is quickly approaching and sicknesses become common, so take note to help stay healthy!

Hand washing does not take a lot of time or effort, and it’s beneficial to your health, so just do it!

Always wash your hands before preparing food or eating, treating wounds, and inserting or removing contact lenses.

Always wash your hands after preparing food, using the bathroom, changing a diaper, blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing into your hands, handling garbage, treating wounds, and caring for a sick person.

Wash for about 20 seconds and scrub all areas, including the backs of your hands, wrists, between fingers, and under fingernails.

Encourage your children to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently!  Show them how to properly do so by washing your hands with them. Make sure to tell them not to rush and sing “Happy Birthday” twice as a count.  Remind your children to wash their hands as often as you need and be sure to keep wonderful-smelling scents in you bathroom, like Yankee Candle’s Kiwi Berries, to help make them want to do so.

Protect your health. Use Yankee Candle’s new soaps and wash your hands, available on Dec. 14th.

Yankee Candle’s Bath & Body Line Gets Rave Reviews!

Fan reviews of our new products have been pouring in from the samples we’ve been giving out. We appreciate them so much that we want to share some with all of you as we await the Dec. 14th release of our Bath & Body line!

On our Signature Bubble Bath Soap:

“I don’t usually take baths, but I had to try my sample of Yankee Candle’s Lavender Vanilla-scented Bath Soap. I have to say, it was enormously relaxing! The scent was perfect and my skin definitely felt softer afterwards. My husband noticed too!” –Annette Clifton, from Houston, Texas

On our Deep Cleansing Hand Soap:

“Anti-bacterial and deep cleansing soaps are very popular now and I’ve tried just about all of them. Most are good, but yours is GREAT! I tried Kiwi Berries and the scent alone is amazing, but the microspheres really bring it a whole new level. My 5-year-old even tried it and liked it.” –Danielle Kane, Chicago, Illinois

On our Bar Soap:

“I was so happy when you announced you’d be releasing classic Bar Soap! I’m not into the tubes of soap; I like having a soap dish in my bathrooms. It’s so hard to find bar soaps with good scents though. After trying the Warm Vanilla soap, I will never use any other bar soap. It’s incredible! Thank you!!” –Claire Reynolds, from Lansing, Michigan

On our Body Butter:

“I cannot wait to try the Yankee Candle Body Butter! Both the Coconut and Sweet Pea scents sound incredible. I can already tell I will be buying them as gifts for my friends for the holidays.” –Anne Jacobs, Manhattan, New York

No samples of our Body Butter have been given out yet, but that’s all about to change! When you spend 25 dollars or more in any of our Yankee Candle store locations, you will receive a sample of our Coconut or Sweet Pea Body Butter.