The Bath & Body Line is Almost Here!

The release of Yankee Candle’s Bath & Body Line is just about a week away! We’ve been perfecting everything just for you in anticipating for this big event and we can’t wait for you to be able to pick up all of these amazing products for yourself.

To build just a little more excitement, we wanted to let you in on a few great specials and deals that will be available in Yankee Candle stores beginning Dec. 14th.

The Yankee Candle Bath & Body Ultimate Collection ($50):

Experience the complete Bath & Body Line with this Ultimate Collection, which includes small sizes of each scent of all our products. That’s 14 items in one package! You get six Signature Bubble Bath Soaps, two Bar Soaps, four Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, and two Body Butters.

The Yankee Candle Bath & Body Ultimate Deluxe Collection ($60):

In this Deluxe Collection, you’ll get all 14 small sizes of every Bath & Body product and scent, plus two small Yankee Candle Bath towels and a large Winter Wonderland-scented candle.

Yankee Candle’s Bath & Body Pick 6 ($35):

This offer allows you to pick four large sizes of any products and scents from our Bath & Body Line. You get to mix and match! Pick one of each product or choose four Bath Soaps, if you’d like. The possibilities are endless with this deal!


For individual product sales, here is the list complete list of Bath & Body prices:

Signature Bath Soap (Small/Large) – $7/$13

Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (Small/Large) – $5/$8

Bar Soap (Small/Large) – $4/$6

Body Butter (small/Large) – $9/$15


Look out for more specials and deals on our Yankee Candle Bath & Body Line products coming soon to a store near you!

Thank you for following The Yankee Candle Blog and enjoy all of our new, wonderful products!!


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