The Yankee Candle Tour Continues

Yankee Candle President and CEO, Harlan Kent, spoke about the Yankee Candle Tour and Workshops recently and is happy with the results.

“We’ve had great turn-outs at our first two workshops, and the success of it is a wonderful surprise for our company. We love seeing mothers and fathers bringing their children and spending time together. That was our goal for this tour, so we’re not stopping yet,” he said.

Therefore, we’re continuing on with our Yankee Candle Tour and Workshops and heading to Illinois!

We’ll be at our Westfield Chicago Ridge store location on Sunday, November 27th, starting at 1:00pm. We’re really going to kick off the holiday season by making Christmas Tree-shaped candles using our Candy Cane scent. For all of our Chicago fans and customers, you’re not going to want to miss this one!

All attendees will also be going home with samples of our Mint Bar Soap!

See you there!


Release Date Revealed!

We’ve been making a lot of announcements recently about Yankee Candle’s upcoming Bath & Body Line and all of the amazing new products, but we know what you’re wondering – When is it all coming out?!

Well it’s no longer a secret; Yankee Candle’s Bath & Body Line will arrive on shelves and be ready for online orders on December 14th!

That’s right! Our Signature Bubble Bath Soaps, Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, Bar Soaps, and other luxurious products will be available for you to purchase just around the corner and just in time for the holidays. These products will make great gifts for your loved ones this holiday season!

As always, check back here every week for more information on the Bath & Body Line from Yankee Candle. Also, vote in our new poll! You can find it on the left side bar.

Back to Basics

The recent announcement of our Deep Cleansing Hand Soap has generated a lot of buzz for our upcoming Bath & Body line, and we here at Yankee Candle appreciate it!

Part of why we developed the Bath & Body line was to provide you – our loyal customers – with more options, and we’re not done yet. If you thought our Deep Cleansing Hand Soap was enough, we’re giving you a simpler, classic, and more basic hand washing option with Yankee Candle Bar Soap.

Our soap will provide you with a refreshing and exfoliating experience as it is infused with peppermint oil. Upon its release next month, our bar soap will be available in two scents – Mint and Warm Vanilla.

Yankee Candle’s new Bar Soap can be used in the shower, bath, or to just wash your hands. It’s guaranteed to be the only bar soap you’ll ever want to use!

Who Said Bubble Baths are Just for Kids?

Last week, we asked you to vote in our poll to determine the fifth scent of our Signature Bubble Bath Soaps, and the results are in! The winner is Beach Walk!

But we have a surprise for you… The runner up, Sweet Strawberry, will be released too! This means that six scents (count ’em, 6!) – Lavender Vanilla, Fresh Mint, Strawberry Buttercream, French Vanilla, Beach Walk, and Sweet Strawberry – will be available in our bubble bath soaps this December.

With Yankee Candle’s Signature Bubble Bath Soaps coming out so soon, we wanted to share some tips on how to make the perfect bubble bath.

    • Combine a half cup of any one of our Signature Bubble Bath Soaps with one cup of oil (olive, grape seed, avocado – any moisturizing oil)
    • Add a half cup of honey to the mixture and ass a few drops essential oils (lavender or peppermint oil)
    • Run warm bath water and pour the mixture in as the water is running
    • Play some music and/or keep a book or magazine near by to read
    • Light some of your favorite Yankee Candles around the tub and enjoy!

      When done correctly, bubble baths can promote muscle relaxation and full-body detoxification. So take some time for yourself every once and a while and enjoy a nice, long, relaxing bubble bath using Yankee Candle’s Signature Bubble Bath Soaps, coming this December!

Yankee Candle Tour Update

We are happy to repor that our first Yankee Candle workshop event was a success!

More than 150 people showed up at our West Nyack store in the Palisades Mall to spend time with their families and learn how to make their very own candles using our classic and most popular scents.

Cynthia Adams and her daughter made beautiful matching candles at out first workshop event.

Cynthia Adams and her 10-year-old daughter, Cassie, made matching pink candles and had a lot of fun doing so.

“I’m always trying to find fun and creative things to do with my daughter,” said Cynthia. “It seems more and more difficult to do as she grows up, and school is always taking precedence. I wish there were more events like this in the community. We had a really great time!”

We here at the Yankee Candle Company are not slowing down anytime soon! Our next stop is Pittsburgh, PA in The Mall at Robinson, this Saturday, Nov. 19 at 1pm. Everyone who attends will also be going home with a sample of our new Fresh Cut Roses-scented Deep Cleansing Hand Soap!

We look forward to seeing you there!

Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Coming Soon

Excitement is already building just a week after the announcement of our new Bath & Body from Yankee Candle, coming out next month!

Jamie Tucker, from Chicago, wrote to us and said, “I’ve been hoping for Yankee Candle Bath & Body products for forever! I’m ecstatic about the bubble bath soaps and can’t wait to hear what else you have in store for us!”

With that being said, it’s time to announce another Bath & Body product that we know you’ll enjoy — Yankee Candle’s Deep Cleansing Hand Soap!  We’ve blended moisturizing honey, coconut milk, and olive fruit extracts in every one of our soaps to nourish and soften your skin every time you wash your hands. And we’ve also thrown in exfoliating microspheres and cleansing bamboo extract to fight germs.

All of our soaps will leave your hands lightly scented, and we’ve already selected four scents to release this December, all of which will make you want to wash your hands several times a day — French Vanilla, Fresh Cut Roses, Kiwi Berries, and Sparkling Lemon.

Don’t miss out any information regarding our new Bath & Body line! Check back here every week for new announcements and more news.

Yankee Candle Tour & Workshops

With the holidays quickly approaching, Yankee Candle wanted to find a fun way to help bring families together during this time. So, Yankee Candle decided to start traveling across the country to hold creative candle-making workshops at some select stores, in which everyone is welcome to attend – children are welcome.

Harlan Kent, President and CEO of the Yankee Candle Company, is excited to begin the tour.

“We have so many loyal customers and fans of our products that we wanted to give back in a unique way,” said Kent. “We wanted to find a way to be interactive with our customers, and with Thanksgiving and the holidays right around the corner, there is no better time to do this.”

Yankee Candle will make its first stop on Saturday, Nov. 12 at 12pm in West Nyack, New York at the Yankee Candle store located in the Palisades Mall.

At the event, staff will be teaching how to design candles for the holidays in numerous shapes, made from all of new holiday scents, including Cherries on Snow, Mountain Berry, and Christmas Rose.

And everyone who attends the workshop this Saturday will receive samples of our new, soon-to-be-released French Vanilla Signature Bubble Bath Soap to try at home!

So to all of our New York customers, come on out and enjoy the day with your family at Yankee Candle! It’s sure to be a lot of fun!